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The Best Puppy Potty Training Tip: Keep a Schedule

When it comes to potty training your puppy, the best puppy potty training tip is to keep some kind of schedule. If you don't keep some kind of schedule, your puppy will never learn to keep a routine. Keeping a schedule refers to the act of taking your puppy outside to do its business at the same times each day. If you deviate from this routine, your puppy will never get into a "groove" and it will likely be confused about what you want from it.

Good Dog

Your puppy wants to please you. It wants to be good. No puppy deliberately does things because it wants to be bad. It just doesn't know any better. Besides keeping a schedule, you have to give praise. Praise, such as telling your puppy, "good dog", will let your puppy know that has done good. Praise is important to training. The best puppy potty training tip, however, is to keep a schedule.

Do The Same Thing Every Day

Your puppy must be put on a potty training schedule. The reason this puppy potty training tip is so important is that it trains your puppy when to go and where to do it. A schedule should include taking the puppy out first thing upon waking, several times during the day, including after meals, and then once before going to bed. Whatever schedule you keep, it's important to do the same thing everyday.


Some will disagree that this is not the best puppy potty training tip. The fact is, there is no best way to train your puppy to do its business outside. While a schedule is indeed a great way to train your puppy, it all depends on how your puppy responds.

For the most part, however, keeping a schedule seems to be the best puppy potty training tip for many puppies. By keeping a schedule and giving praise, your puppy will soon learn to alert you when it needs to go. If your puppy makes a mistake, don't punish it, just let it know that you're displeased and immediately put it outside. Soon, your puppy will associate outside with doing its business. Then, your puppy will be going outside on its own in no time. Just think of all the money you'll save on floor cleaning products and think how happy your puppy will be when it receives all that praise.

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