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Housebreak Your Pet with Understanding and Firmness: Puppy Potty Training

Devote Enough Time to Puppy Potty Training

You may want to devote a couple of weeks exclusively for taking care and training your pet before bringing it home so that you can give your undivided and completely focused attention to puppy potty training your pet. This will prevent the pup from taking too much time in learning how to be potty trained and though puppies may take different amounts of time in learning the fine art of puppy potty training, what is essential is that it be taught that its den, any place within the house, should be kept clean and it is necessary to go outside to go potty. This is important to instill the habit early on in the pup's life.

You should realize that puppies need to ease themselves quite often and sometimes they may mess up every hour but one should not lose heart as this is a part of the learning experience. There is no point in getting angry with the pup as this may cause it to get confused and so, it is better to give it one or two word commands like "no" or "don't" that are easy to understand and which will help the pup learn that it should not do their potty inside.

To begin with, puppy potty training will involve learning to understand signs of when the puppy wants to relieve itself and so, you should look for signs of restlessness, sniffing of the floor, or going back to a spot where it had already soiled. It does mean making an extra effort and especially useful is to recognize that 5 to 20 minutes after having eaten, slept or played is when it is time for the puppy to go and potty. In order to completely focus the puppy on puppy potty training, it is advisable to take the pup to the same spot when it needs to relieve itself and not allow it to play, thereby teaching it that this is where it should go to potty.


Once it learns to go to outside and do its potty there, it is a good idea to give it some reward in the form of tidbits or some food, to further reinforce the habit. Another important feature of good puppy potty training is to stay close to the pup and not allow others to get up close and so prevent failure in its training program. In the event of the puppy staining the floor it is not such a good idea scold it as this may cause it to sneak back and do it somewhere inside when no one is looking. It is better to ignore the fact and take the option of bringing it outside to a place where it is right to do its potty.

Once the puppy potty training routine has begun, it is also advisable to teach the pup to stay on the leash and do it's potty outside so that the puppy will learn to go out and do its potty there. Though both you and your puppy will have many an occasion when accidents will happen, it is best to be as consistent as possible as these accidents do not cause permanent scars and, given the fact that dogs are resilient animals, they will pick up the routine easily enough and get over the errors along the way.

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