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Potty training a child not only is a fundamental step in his/her independence but also helps the parents save them much trouble of changing messy diapers. Dirty diapers are a threat to the child's health, especially to his/her young skin. It saves a lot of parents' time and of course, parents save much money spent each month on diapers alone. This lesson is themed on potty training help for caring parents by the method called Infant Potty Training.

Infant Potty Training Help

Infant potty training has been, and is being, used by mothers in Asia, Africa, and South America for centuries. It is surprising to know that this method is applied to infants as young as four to five months of age, before the child is able to sit. The method is based on the assumption that infants, little as they appear, are conscious of their elimination needs. Further, they even try to convey to their handlers this awareness.

Potty Training Help Advice

Ideally anyone can use the infant potty training method; a parent who stays home full time to care for the baby or a working parent who can leave the baby to caring helpers (relatives, friends, nannies etc.). Starting at the age of four to five months, Infant potty training will enable the baby to have good control over elimination by the age of two years. This method is highly dependent on close communication with the baby, understanding of and responding to his/her need to eliminate. A requisite of the potty training help advice is that you have to avoid all sorts of harshness or punishment.

The Method

You have to be a close observer to use this method of potty training. Remove your baby's diaper and lay her on a clean cloth in a comfortable place to observe the time and frequency of her elimination after each episode of feeding or sleep. You can also lay the baby in a sling with a cloth under her. While defecating, observe what kind of body movements (twisting, facial expressions) and sounds the baby makes. Mark the timings and the associated movements just before eliminating, and after the baby is through with the process. When the infant shows signals of going, take the baby gently to a preferred place like a bathroom sink, a basin or outside (where you want him/her to go). Make a sound while the baby is positioned to go. After some time, the baby will recognize this sound as a signal to go and will not relax their bowels before getting it.

Advantages of Infant Potty Training

Infant potty training is an incredible method for parents seeking potty training help. It helps infants get used to control their defecation, be clean without diapers, and also rid the parents of the trouble of changing diapers and spending money on them. Above all, it establishes a close bond of communication and understanding between parents and the baby.

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