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The Challenge of Potty Training for a Kid

Potty training for a kid has gone from being a natural task determined by the parenting world to a monumental art form that is a collaboration of elaborate gadgets, psychological warfare, and a reward system that would make the Royal Family blush. Of course, potty training for a kid wasn't always this way. As time passes, however, kids change and so do their potty training requirements; it can be quite a task convincing your child that the toilet is a friendly place to be, especially after seeing many a goldfish meet their demise through the white bowl of death.

Naturally, the art of potty training for a kid likely doesn't include the terminology of "potty training" anymore. The reality is now such that terms like "potty" are said to discourage the notion that using the restroom for bodily functions it not a normal adult function but is, rather, a function reserved for infantile processes determined and designated by using a silly word. It is more likely that the term "potty training" will be referred to as "washroom technological servicing" or something of the sort that more closely resembles the maturity of "potty training for a kid".

Change the Environment

Changing the terms alone will not do much for a child that doesn't understand the functionality of linguistics, much less at such an advanced level. The result is that the goal is not accomplished by merely changing the language or the terms; there has to be more. Inevitably, we move on to the notion of the washroom itself. It should be comfortable and accessible for children, without the eerie notion of goldfish swirling around the toilet bowl to compound the problem. Instead, bury "Flipper" in the backyard next to "Chuckles". It'll be our little secret and the child will be none the wiser; toilets are safe again!

Ensure that your child has some of their favourite reading materials present for the task. At first, it will require all of their attention to commence washroom technological servicing. As we know, however, after some time it will come to pass that they will require a little bit of literary assistance to accomplish their goal and perhaps some of what many psychologists dub "picture-book persuasion". This, of course, functions as a motivational tool for adults using the facilities as well. It is better to start them off early.

In conclusion, potty training for a kid is really a matter of patience and changing the way children view the functionality of the washroom area as a whole. When commencing washroom technological servicing, it should be a comfortable and joyous experience resulting in a sparkling celebratory act concluded with a simple flush.

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