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Potty Training an Infant: Start Training Early

Many parents are starting potty training early. They are starting to train their babies as infants. Potty training an infant, those parents say, is a very effective way to train your child and there's no need to wait until they are toddlers. Their goal is to train their baby before they reach the toddler stage, thus saving a fortune on diapers.

Babies are Smart

According to those parents who start potty training at their child's infancy, babies are smarter than we think. By studying them, listening to them and understanding them as individuals, babies can actually start potty training.

Advocates of this method recommend you start the training four to five months after birth. Potty training an infant, they say, is no different than training a toddler. It takes patience, time and diligent attention.

Used All Over the World

Potty training an infant is almost unheard of in America. Countries all over the world have potty trained their infants for a very long time. Now, many Americans are jumping on the bandwagon.

Potty training an infant means that you are skipping the disposable diaper age. The method starts by having you observe your baby. You have to be in tune with your infant. Learn to watch for certain behavior. For instance, watch for special patterns, such as going right after waking or after meals. Learn to listen for cues such as grunting when defecating. By knowing what to look for, you can be better prepared to move to the next step.

Potty training an infant requires the association of a certain sound. Usually, parents prefer a watery sound, like "sssss". Whenever you think your child is about to go, or even if they start going when you are observing, make the watery sound.

When you think your infant is about to go, hold him or her over your designated potty area and make the watery sound. Your baby will begin to associate that sound with going and will soon go whenever that sound is heard.

When potty training an infant, it is important to clothe your baby so that undressing can be easy and quick. Some parents opt to keep their baby unclothed. If this is not an option then you can try a long shirt or dress. Pants are fine as long as they can be taken down quickly.

With patience and perseverance, potty training an infant can be achieved. The trick is to make it fun and not to get angry when it doesn't seem to be working. In the end, your babies will be potty trained before they even become toddlers and you'll save a bundle on disposable diapers.

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