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The Lost Art of Potty Training an Adult Dog

Potty training an adult dog is an art form that few recognize. The truth is, however, that it takes all of the dedication of a serious athlete and the prowess of a fine arts student in order to get your adult dog to do what he or she needs to do in the right place. Most people abide by the sensibility that if the dog is an adult, it is too late for potty training. Reality, thankfully, says something somewhat different. Adult humans are capable of learning and, although their learning capabilities are somewhat diminished from that of younger specimens, adult dogs are in the same position intellectually.

An adult dog can, in fact, learn and re-learn certain basic skills and even some tricks. Many people teach older dogs to sit, stay, fetch, and heel with great ease because of the lower energy of the older dog. Potty training an adult dog falls under the same intellectual lineage, as a matter of fact, and is akin to training your dog to perform other tricks and tasks. In other words, if you can teach your adult dog to sit and perform other tasks with ease, you will experience likely the same amount of ease in potty training. Making the connection in dog mentality is often overlooked, even by the most professional of dog trainers. Dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.


Recovering the Lost Art

In order to successfully train your adult dog, you need to give your dog some confidence first. Instill a specific set of dog values in your pooch and show them how important you think they are to your life and how integral they are to your existence. Show your dog affection and love; lavish it with physical attention. This shows your dog that you are proud of it and that you love it, allowing it to step outside of what may be a veil of shame that keeps your dog from using the facilities in an inappropriate manner. From this point of canine confidence, potty training an adult dog becomes a reality that can be attained with a little bit of patience.

Potty training an adult dog, from this point, requires a few tricks. First, attempt to bribe your best friend some food or perhaps a dog treat. Lure them outside and show them where to use the washroom. This is the portion of potty training an adult dog that tends to take time and patience. You may find yourself waiting for your dog to feel the urge for quite some time, but if you can repeat the process enough times so that it becomes a learned activity, you have succeeded.

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