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As anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of potty training a little one knows, there is a variety of potty training aids that can help make the experience a little bit richer and congenial. Potty training aids can help transform an archaic and somewhat inconvenient activity into a personal experience between parent and child. Using an aid can help distinguish your potty training experience from others and can help create an enviable approach that will have the neighbors talking, sharing stories, and attempting to steal your potty training aids.

The art of using an aid is, of course, choosing an aid. There are several options available that are tailored to your specific case and your specific child. These range from toys that encourage the use of the toilet to a chair that can help associate the washroom needs with the seated position and so on. The use of the potty training aids depends, of course, on the individual and whether or not they are comfortable with an inflatable elephant teaching them how to urinate. In some cases, this approach may not be entirely appropriate.

Cost of Success

When it comes to cost, it is again all relative. If you intend on purchasing the services of a unique trainer from Sweden that specializes in small children, you may be looking at a larger bill than the book selection in the "How To Pee" series. The book series, on the other hand, might not offer the same approach as Elsa the Swedish urination specialist so it is likely a realm of success vs. cost that you will have to weigh out carefully. In the end, however, many people find that the loving touch of a family member and a helpful word can help ease the process in. Hiring a strange Swedish potty therapist may be, therefore, not the most desirable idea.

In order to properly assert your overall cost margins in terms of potty training aids, you should factor in the inevitable risk vs. reward equation as well. This belies certain sensitivity, however, as you do not want to negotiate the position that you need to cover your house in plastic while the potty training process is carrying on. You might, however, want to designate certain "safe zones" for infant or child travel during the potty training procedure time and simply not allow your child near the big screen TV or the rare elephant skin door mats.

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