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Some Potty Training Advice for Worried Parents

Sometimes potty training for many parents can be a very overwhelming task. Many give up because their child refuses to learn to sit on the potty chair, or even fear them! On the other hand, some send their child to the training centers or nurseries where they train the children on proper potty usage. Many parents do not realize that these centers also give out potty training advice, to help them train the children when they are at home.

Many parents know too well of the difficulties in convincing the child the benefits of using the potty. In fact, research says that most children between two and three years old are more interested in the contents of their toy boxes than their diapers.

Giving up training to use the potty, many parents change to diapers, and most of them do not realize that this disposable diaper usage will hinder or even stop the child from wanting to learn to use the potty. Until the children grow big enough to use the toilet themselves, the parents would not bother to change their diaper habits; just because it's pretty impossible to train them, or there's lack of proper potty training advice from any professionals on the part of the parents.

Start With the Basics

Some common potty training advice given would be not to wait until your baby grows very old; and start the potty training when they are two or three months old. This does not mean to use the potty chairs, but to use the cloth diapers, which indirectly will prepare the child for potty training. When you use cloth diapers, the babies would feel the wetness instantly and start to feel the discomfort of wetness with their act of urination. Disposable diapers absorb all this wetness, and it takes three or more urinations for the children to feel the wetness.

Some children will see for themselves the benefit of the potty training as they grow up, when they seem to wet their clothes as well as their diapers, and start to feel uncomfortable. When you tell them how good the potty is, and how they don't need to wet their clothes and make puddles everywhere, it will stay in their mind that the next time they go to 'pee' they should use the potty chair. In fact, this is your part of the potty training advice that you give the children.

Another bit of common potty training advice given to parents by professional trainers would be to let the child see the importance of going to the toiler and using the toilet bowl, in their case; their potty chairs. Let them see what's done there; it doesn't mean to show them, just talk to them about it.

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