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Potty Training a Toddler: When and How

The toddling stage is just the time when teaching the child independence should start. The toddler is taught to control his bowel movements until a desired defecation spot can be reached. Since a toddler is not able to use a toilet, he/she is directed to use a potty. In the later stage of potty training, the toddler is taught to remove his/her pants before sitting on the potty and pull them back after eliminating.

Time for Potty Training a Toddler

Normally, a child is ready to be potty trained somewhere between the age of eighteen months and two years. Girls have been observed to reach the readiness for training earlier than boys. By the age of three years all children should be potty trained, at least for the daytime (it might take another couple of years to stop bedwetting). Markers of potty training a toddler are:
  • The child understands the word for 'defecating' or 'stool'.
  • The toddler expresses the need to eliminate by verbal or body language.
  • The toddler shows uneasiness in diapers and seeks privacy.
  • The toddler can stay dry for at least two hours.
  • The child shows more interest in wearing pants than diapers.
Summer is the beast time to start potty training a toddler since the child has less clothing to remove while using the potty. If some time-capturing event is on or near to come (holiday, new baby, moving from house etc.), wait till things get stable.

Beginning with the Training

You can start teaching your toddler what a potty is and how it is used. Watching together an illustrated potty training book or a video is of significant guidance. Choosing a potty also matters. If you take your child along and let him/her pick up her favorite color and design, it will facilitate the teaching process. Today, potties are available that play music on receiving urine. Parents have tried these with success in potty training a toddler. Keep the potty within the toddler's reach. Amuse the child as he/she sits on the potty. On successfully eliminating in the potty, reward the child with a kiss or hug, or (if he/she shows a likeness) give some of his/her favorite food item. But never punish a child if he/she does not succeed with the potty.

Need to See a Pediatrician

If you are potty training a toddler of age 3 for over six months and are not getting any success or very little of it, medical causes might be involved in the child's development to learn. The toddler might be having constipation and irregular bowel movements. It's time to see a pediatrician.

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