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Potty Training a Pug is Possible - Don't Give Up!

Everybody loves a pug. Who wouldn't? Their scrunched up little faces are irresistible to any dog lover. Besides being cute and cuddly, they are also extremely smart dogs with a tendency to be very stubborn. Regardless, a pug can be trained successfully with a little patience and persistence. It is very important to start training your pug as a puppy. Dogs, just like people, get more rooted in their ways as they age.

Potty training a pug will inevitably turn into a somewhat lengthy process. Remaining patient with your puppy is critical to successful potty training. On average, a puppy will not gain full bladder control until it is 6 months old.

While You Are Home

While you are at home, don't let your little pug leave your sight. Keep a watchful eye out for the infamous "pre-sniff". This is a sure sign that something is about to follow. At the first sign that your puppy has to go, take it outside. Once it has done its business, reward it with a treat and generous amounts of praise. This is the best way to reinforce its behavior.

While You Are Away

A tried and true method for potty training a pug is the "crate" method. Purchase a pet cage or travel crate of sufficient size and place it somewhere within your house where your puppy will be able to constantly have human interaction. If the crate is associated with treats and affection from the beginning, it will become a sort of house for your puppy as opposed to a place of unwanted confinement. While you are away, place your puppy in its crate along with a toy. This will help you avoid unintentionally teaching your pug that it is acceptable to go potty in the house, whether you are home or not. This is a very good method of effectively potty training a pug.


Positive Reinforcement

Pugs, like most dogs, are very affected by the actions of their owners towards them. Whenever your puppy successfully goes potty outside, reward it with outlandish praise and a small treat. The more positive reinforcement it receives, the easier and quicker the entire process will be.

Rebukes for going potty inside should only be used when you catch your puppy in the act. After you have scolded them with a strong "NO", take them outside to finish what they started. Be sure to praise them when they are done. Never spank your pug for having an accident inside. This will only cause it to fear you and is unnecessary and unhelpful in potty training a pug.

Rest Assured!

Potty training a pug is a temporary job. In time your pug will not only know where to go potty, it won't want to go anywhere else. In the end, it is a small price to pay for the joy of owning a pug!

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