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Potty Training a Girl: Make Training Fun

Potty training a girl can be a daunting task for any parent. This holds especially true if the father is the one doing the training. Most parents wonder where to start. The trick to successful potty training is making it fun. Celebrate the training and, especially, the victories. Have some sort of reward system in place so that your little girl gets rewarded for using the toilet like a big girl. By making training fun, your little girl will begin using the toilet in no time and you'll proudly be able to say that you finally changed your last diaper.

Show Her

When beginning potty training for a girl, you must first show her what you expect of her. This can be done by watching mommy. If that is uncomfortable, or a single father is doing the training, then there are other options as well. Many products are available today for the sole purpose of teaching potty training. Items used for successful potty training include potty training dolls, videos, audio tapes, books as well as specially made plastic toilets. Each of these items has their advantages and using them in combination will more than likely bring quick results. The best part is that each of these items is designed to make potty training fun.

When potty training a girl, not only must you show her that she has to sit down but you must also show her to wipe. The videos and books are great for teaching her how to do this.

Her Own Toilet

A great idea when potty training a girl is to have a plastic potty training toilet in some part of the house. These are great because some children are intimidated by having to use the "adult" toilet. They may fear falling in or maybe they're just intimidated by its size. Whatever the reason, by having a smaller, plastic toilet, she will begin to feel that it is hers. She will want to use it. Have some toilet paper handy near the toilet so that she remembers to wipe when she is finished.

Celebrate It

When she goes, celebrate it. Give her plenty of praise and reward her with something. By having a reward system in place, she will want to use the toilet. Remember, when potty training a girl, make it fun. Make her want to do good; pretty soon, you'll be able to throw out those diapers for good.

When she has accidents, don't scold her. Everyone makes mistakes. Just view it as a stepping stone, a necessary aspect of learning and get right back to training. Sometimes, a setback can be used as a training tool and you can turn the negatives into positives and your child won't hinder progress by being too hard on herself.

When potty training a girl, make it fun, reward her when she does good and never scold her for having an accident. Children don't think of it as learning when they're having fun. If you're short on ideas, go out and buy a book on the subject or one of the many products designed for potty training your child. Potty training a girl doesn't have to be a scary subject. It can and should be fun. Soon, your little girl will be all grown up and you'll find you miss many things; more than likely, dirty diapers aren't one of them.

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