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Potty Training a Chihuahua: Requires Lots of Love

Potty training a Chihuahua does not have to be a difficult task. By following a few tips, you can ensure that your Chihuahua will be trained effectively and quickly. Training any dog takes time and patience and this holds especially true for Chihuahuas. With a little love and affection, however, your Chihuahua will be trained in no time.

Some say that potty training a Chihuahua should start at about 7 weeks. Experts say that this may be too soon and that you should expect accidents for at least a few more months past the 7 week mark. By starting early, however, you can hopefully speed up the training time and lessen the amount of accidents.

Kennel Training

Potty training a Chihuahua should include some sort of crate or kennel. Dogs have an instinct to keep their beds clean. For this reason, you should keep your Chihuahuas in a crate or kennel during the night. This will train their bowels and bladders to hold it until the morning when you let them out. However, you must let them out at the same time every day or else they will never learn what you expect of them.

Stay Consistent

When potty training a Chihuahua, it is important to stay consistent. Let your Chihuahua out every time it wakes up and after every meal. These two times, after sleep and after eating, are prime times when your Chihuahua is likely to have to relieve itself. By staying consistent and letting your dog out at these times, your puppy will soon learn what you expect of it.


When potty training a Chihuahua, it is especially important to praise it. Using a touch, a loving tone or a treat tells your dog that it has done a good job. Soon, after enough praise, your Chihuahua will learn what you expect of it and will want to continue to do good just to please you.

Potty training a Chihuahua, like training any other kind of dog, requires a lot of patience. Accidents are going to happen and it is important that you go easy on your dog. When it does good, give it praise. When it has accidents, put the Chihuahua outside so that it will begin to associate outside with relieving itself. The important thing to remember, however, is to go easy on your dog, take the patience required to train your dog and, most importantly, give your Chihuahua a lot of love.

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