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Many Issues of Potty Training a Cat

Potty training is not only limited to toddlers, but to our pets as well. Dogs and cats have to be taught to relieve themselves using the household human facilities such as the toilet and bathroom and so on. Especially when it comes to cats, it is very much necessary, for if left untaught, cats can really make a mess around the house.

Natural Habits

Potty training a cat is something that needs a lot of patience. Some cats refuse to be toilet-trained, but most of them can be successfully trained, provided the owner does it the right way. Some cats, especially those who are taken as pets at an older stage, would hesitate in the beginning of the training to use the potty. This is because for these cats, their mothers have taught them from young to scratch their stool into sand, rubbish and soil. Newborn or young kittens which were not exposed to their mother much would not have any trouble learning how to use the potty.

Basic Training

Potty training a cat is not as easy as it appears. You have to purchase specific potty training kits and potty chairs according to the type of the cat you have. If not, your cat might not like it at all. Generally there are three types of cats, which are sheltered indoor cats, indoor-outdoor cats, and strictly outdoor cats, and each type of these cats have their own way of learning and adapting to things. Alternatively, you can also use a homemade system, where you might be sharing the toilet with the cats.


There have been many instances in potty training a cat where people have modified their toilet systems and doors, so that the cat can use them as easy we do. In this case, potty training a cat is not hard at all, because the cat knows what you do there, and eventually it will follow like how a child follow the parents' steps in using the toilet to relieve themselves.

Household Facility Usage

You have to gradually train the cat to use the toilet properly. Some people have a very simple method to train their cats this way. They start off with a small box which the cat would be very comfortable with, and this box is placed next to the toilet bowl. Gradually after a few weeks, the height of the box would be raised off the floor stepwise, and for this the box would be standing on a strong support.

After the cat has properly adjusted itself to the usage of the box, this box would be placed on the toilet bowl itself (of course with the lid open!) and eventually as the cat gets used to this, potty training a cat can evolve into teaching it to use the human toilet system!

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