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Potty Training a Boxer Puppy: Worth Every Minute!

Boxer puppies are seen by some as the best of two worlds. They are extremely playful, as is characteristic of boxers, and they are just so dang cute! Fortunately, they keep the playful characteristic throughout their lives but tend to grow into somewhat intimidating looking dogs. Nonetheless, they are excellent family dogs as they are loyal, playful, and good with kids. Training a boxer early is important to insure the best possible relationship between dog and owner.

While potty training a boxer puppy, it is important to establish a consistent schedule for their day. Be sure to take them outside an adequate number of times to meet their "potty" needs. A good way to do this is to feed and water them at regular intervals every day. This will ensure regular bowel movements for your boxer, which you will soon be able to predict.

Word Association

Boxers are smart dogs. They learn very quickly and will benefit from their owner establishing word connections between specific actions. While your boxer puppy is going potty, speak a word or phrase to it which will help you to induce that action later on. For example, if every time they go potty you say, "let's go outside", they will be ready to go whenever you use that phrase in the future. This is very helpful in potty training a boxer puppy.


You Can't Be Everywhere at Once

When you are unable to be with your puppy, it is important that it does not have free reign on your entire home. This will only solidify the idea that it is alright to go potty anywhere it pleases. If you must be away, it is best to buy a pet cage or travel container of sufficient size and put your puppy in it whenever you leave. By giving it treats upon entry to the container and lavishing it with praise, the container soon becomes a home of sorts instead of an unwanted confinement. This is a very important part of potty training a boxer puppy as it is impossible to always be with your dog. When you are home, never let your puppy leave your site. When you see them sniffing around, take them outside immediately!

Praise Like it's Going Out of Style!

Every time your boxer puppy goes potty outside, praise it like crazy. The more excited you are the more excited boxers tend to become. Praising a puppy and giving it well-timed treats will have an amazing effect on the overall process of potty training a boxer puppy. Don't give up! The amount of time you must put into potty training a boxer puppy is well worth it. They are wonderful dogs and amazing friends for life!

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