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Potty Training is Essential for Toddlers

Avoid Embarrassment and Teach the Child Early

There is always the threat that your young child will end up messing himself, causing much embarrassment and frustration to all. So, to avoid such situations potty training becomes essential for the young child and doing it the right way and at an early age is even more desirable. There are parents that care a lot for their children but have to struggle with getting them to learn how to be potty trained, while other parents are gratified to see their offspring pick up the right potty training methods in a matter of two to three days.

Obviously, parents will want that their toddlers can go on their own to the toilet without the need for any prompting and pleading on their part. But, unfortunately the toddler may not pick up these training methods and the desire to have a toilet trained toddler often ends up unfulfilled due to lack of skill or necessary knowledge to impart good potty training. Identifying the correct techniques to train the toddler is a major part of the regime and once imparted correctly will end up making the toddler's life a very pleasant and fulfilling one.

It is also important to know how the toddler learns to behave with others, how to keep them healthy as well as knowing their eating habits and providing them with enough hours to sleep as all these factors will play an important part in imparting the right potty training methods. There are some potty training props that the toddler must learn to use and these include potty seats, potty chairs as well as potty training dolls, but a most important potty training tool is the Pod.

Making the child learn how to use the potty chair and potty seat is time consuming and requires a great deal of patience so it is important to never the rush the child too much. Potty dolls, and the other potty training tools are not guaranteed to work for each child, for some will take to them while others may not, and this is reason enough to have an arsenal of tools available that will coax the child into learning and using the one that most suits them.

Away from home, it becomes more important to have taught the toddlers to understand why they should use potty chairs, potty seats or other training tools as well as to make them know how to dress and undress and wipe them clean when they are done. Looking for signs of readiness to go to the toilet is one important factor that should be taken into account while teaching the toddler potty training and these signs may be physical, emotional or cognitive and during the 18 to 24 month age period these signs become more evident to the parent or childcare giver.

There is a whole lot to teach and learn for the parent as potty training is very individual oriented and so what works best for the child is what should be followed rather than being rigid in one's training methods. Remember, that the child is in his or her formative period and so one should also be sensitive to what the child picks up and what he rejects and train them accordingly.

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