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Becoming a Good Child Potty Trainer

Potty training can be big headache at times, especially when your kids refuse to listen to you and do not want to go potty as you want them. But most of the times, potty training isn't that bad after all. When you have the right information and you perform the training the right way, everything will turn out right.

A parent's job as a potty trainer usually starts when the child is around two to three years old. But today, people are doing things much earlier. The main reason behind this is that they believe that the child would be more prepared and flexible to adapt or accept to the new changes in the way they urinate and so on when they are much younger.

Online Training Skills

To become a very good potty trainer it can take several years or several children. On the other hand, the Internet, a most important research tool, provides hundreds or even thousands of guides and advice and tips through various websites on potty training.

Basically what these online guides provide are methods to prepare your child for the potty period, recognition of the potty arrival time, potty training basics - the do's and don'ts, potty training safety, guide on buying the right accessories, and so on.

Preparing your child for the potty period is one of the most important stages. This is where you should start the habit of avoiding disposable diapers and using cloth diapers when they are around two to three months old. For your part, you must be well prepared with much reading on the methods of training, or alternatively you can buy training kits and aids which contain CDs and DVDs to help you in this matter. This is where your 'career' as a good potty trainer begins; well prepared for the potty period.

Identification and Beginning Stages

You have to identify whether your child is ready for the potty when the time comes. Many things that you may have performed during the pre-training can help to make this situation much easier to recognize. You should recognize some physical signs from the child. Some of them are their ability to hold urine for longer periods of time, or their ability to follow your directions, or even when they know when they are about to urinate.

Buying potty chairs and potty training dolls to help you become a great potty trainer can definitely help. Potty chairs are miniature toilets for the children, and they come in various sizes and designs as well as usages. Potty training dolls, on the other hand, help to demonstrate to the child how everything is done, and this makes your job as a potty trainer easier.

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