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Using a Potty Seat While Toilet Training

Deciding when and how to potty train can be an arduous task for some families. They have to decide how to go about it, how to do it, and how to deal with problems. A potty seat may be the way to go for your toddler.

Why Would You Choose a Potty Seat?

There is a dizzying array of potty training seats in every imaginable color, shape and size. One decision you will need to make is what you want to potty train your child on. A potty seat may be the answer for your family's needs, and there are several good reasons to use one.

A potty seat is simply a smaller, usually cushioned seat that fits on top of and in the regular toilet ring on your toilets at home. You can find a potty seat in just about any color your toddler is partial to. You can also find a potty seat with many popular characters on them, including Sesame Street characters, Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer.

Another reason to choose a potty seat is simply the size. If you buy a potty chair, it will need its own spot in the bathroom. With a potty seat, the only thing you will need is a small area to store it when it's not in use. Usually you can fit the potty seat under your bathroom cabinet or even just on the floor beside the toilet.

A potty seat looks and feels a lot more like the regular toilet. This may be a plus in your toddler's mind since he is using the big guy's toilet and not a baby one. How you want to potty train needs to be decided by taking into consideration your toddler's personality and motivation.

One of the only negative aspects to a potty seat is that since they are on the regular toilet, they may be more inaccessible to your toddler. It ends up being pretty high, so you will probably have to provide a step stool to help your toddler access the potty seat.

Regardless of how you choose to potty train your toddler, believe it or not, eventually they will be successfully trained, and won't need constant reminding. It may still be a while before they are completely able to use the toilet on their own, but at least you are on your way to one of the major goals in life.

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