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How to Find the Perfect Potty Chair

Anyone who has small children or toddlers has faced the looming event known as potty training. Some kids can learn to use the bathroom directly on the regular toilet. Most parents, however, opt to buy a potty chair so their child can have a potty of their own.

Finding a potty chair is a fairly simple task. Usually you can just go down to your local discount store and they will have at least one or two types available. If you just can't seem to find one in your area, or if you just aren't happy with your potty chair choices, you can always do some research online, where you will find more choices and variety than you could ever imagine.

Types and Prices

Once you are online looking for a potty chair, you will find all sorts of advice, and so many varieties that your head may swim. There are a few things to think about that may help you narrow down what you are looking for in a potty chair. Do you want a plastic potty chair or spend more on a wood one? If you have a boy, you may want to opt for a potty chair with a removable splash guard. Do you want a potty chair with a removable pot, or not?

You can spend anywhere from $12 to $100 on a potty seat. The cheapest ones you will find are plain, white types that don't have any optional features, but do get the job done. The high priced potty chair is usually made of wood, and can even look like a replica from the Victorian age.

When a family is in the process of potty training, you need to be prepared for just about anything. With that in mind, manufacturers also produce a portable potty chair. These are made of plastic, fairly easy to clean, and break down into a smaller size.

If you think it would help your child, you can even buy chairs that make noises or play music when your child successfully uses the potty chair. Some make quacking noises, others play a tune repeatedly. You might want to consider however, that the noises or music can get old really quickly, especially if your child decides it is fun to play with it just to hear it make noise.

The potty chair can be a very helpful intermediate stage for your child when they are transitioning from a diaper to the toilet. Luckily, a potty chair can usually be found just about anywhere.

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