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Learning Where to Go: The Potty

Where All the Toddlers Go

A potty is a small pot that is used by a small child or by a toddler when he or she goes to the toilet to ease him or herself and is a training toilet for small children. There is a potty chair and the potty seat, both of which are widely used for toddlers, learning to go to the toilet instead of messing themselves. Teaching the child to use the potty does not necessarily have to be hard work. If you choose the right time to help the child go to the potty half the battle will be won at the outset. It may mean that the child needs to go to the toilet a number of times every day but once the child learns when and where to go; it will be well worth the initial effort.

A good age to introduce the child to the potty is around 15 to 18 months and by leaving it in the toilet; the child may get used to the idea and have some fun, especially at bathing time. Another important aspect to the business of teaching the child to use the potty is to let the child see elders use the toilet or better still, to see other children use the potty.

There is also a need to explain to the child that the things that he eats and drinks will mostly come out and that it is then time to go and sit on the potty. Doubtless, nobody wants to stay in diapers all their lives and they certainly want to get over the initial learning period and become self confident and be toilet trained as early as possible. The child wants to become independent and getting over the initial habit of untimely urinating and defecating, which is a part of every child's growing up experience, the need to learn how to go and sit on the potty for these functions should be taught to the child at an appropriate age.

Controlling the bowel usually occurs before controlling the bladder so the child often wets his bed at night and therefore, the child should be coaxed gently and sympathetically, so that teaching the child to go and sit on the potty does not degenerate into a battle of wills. In addition, a lot of people are just not quite relaxed enough about their own body functions and so it is also necessary that they do not pass on their own phobias to the child.

One nice thing about a potty is that, compared to the big toilet seat, it does not intimidate the child and eases their fear of falling into the toilet. There is no point in rushing the child to learn to sit on the potty and a gentle introduction, where the child can familiarize himself and enjoy the experience is highly recommended. Encourage the child to go on his own to the potty as it will also encourage independence in the child which is a very desirable quality. Even making the untutored child sit on the potty and eat at the same time is wise because the child usually defecates after a meal and this will teach him where and how to ease himself correctly.

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