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A Portable Potty Can Be a Lifesaver

A portable potty is not a new invention, but it has been improved upon through the years and can be a vital part of potty training for a family who either travels a lot or is away from home part of every day.

There are quite a few different types of portable potty seats, and you should be able to find one readily that fits with your family's needs. Depending on your child's disposition and potty training needs, you will need to find a portable potty that your child will be willing and able to use.

Shopping For a Portable Potty

There are basically two types of portable potty seats. The first is the kind most people think of when they think of a portable potty. These are the type that fold down or break down into smaller parts so they make a more compact unit that is easier to transport from place to place. Even though these types are made to break down into smaller pieces, it does not mean that a portable potty is rickety or unsafe. Just like any other item used by children or babies, they have to meet certain government requirements for safety. When you do get them completely set up, they basically look a lot like the potty chairs your child may have at home. With a portable potty chair, your child may feel like they are using the same kind of chair and feel more comfortable in the process.

Another type of portable potty is essentially just a folding seat. These are flat toilet seat shaped thin plastic disks that fit over the toilet seat wherever you may be. If your child is used to using a potty seat at home, this would probably be a better option since it simulates the same experience as using their potty seat at home. A portable potty of this type also folds down into a smaller, thinner package. If you have limited traveling or storage space on a trip, you might want to look into this type of portable potty and then decide what would work best for your child.

Using a portable potty can be almost like using their potty at home. How your child takes to using a portable potty can all depend on your own attitude. If you accept the new portable potty as a matter of course and do not make a big deal about it, your child may not really even notice what he is using.

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