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Help the Child Learn with the Aid of a Kids Potty Chair

An Essential Aid to Potty Training

How often do parents hear their child moan that they have done it; meaning peed or pooped in their clothes and feel despair that their child has still not learned to use the kids potty chair effectively? There is an urgent need or so the parents feel, to teach their toddlers how to go to the toilet (or potty) and stop messing their clothes as early as possible, although there is no fixed age when such training may begin. It thus becomes imperative that the parents watch for signs of discomfort such as noticing that the child has stopped the activity that he was previously engaged in or is clutching frantically at his diaper and learn that these are signs that the toddler is ready to use the kids potty chair.

Once the learning process begins for the toddler, it is necessary to find out just what kind of kids potty chair should be used to help the child become potty trained. There are basically two types of kids potty chair. The first one is a single and separate toddler-size kids potty chair that comes with a bowl that can be used to empty the chair. The other kids potty chair is one that can be placed on top of a normal toilet seat to make the child feel safer. In case you choose to have a modified toilet, this arrangement may require that a stool be placed in front of the toilet to enable the child to reach the toilet seat without any difficulty.

It may also be wise to have a number of kids potty chairs to allow for one being placed in each room in the house so that the child can ease himself without much difficulty. In addition, there may be need to have a kids potty chair for the car that can be used when traveling and it can be placed in the trunk of the car and brought out in case of emergencies that may occur when on the road. A way of encouraging the child is to encourage him or her when they use the potty, even if nothing happens, as this will help inculcate the habit in the child.

The kids potty chair should be designed to help in letting the child relax, because this relaxing feeling is important to help the child in his or her toilet training program. The seat should not be too high; it should be stable and preferably, have backrests and armrests to increase the child's sense of security. There is even one outstanding kids potty chair that plays music to reward the child for having taken the big step. Such innovative potty chairs are sure to provide entertainment and help in the child's potty training to a greater degree than do normal kids potty chairs.

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