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Training a dog is something that needs pure dedication and patience. Dogs, just like children need a lot of attention and care, as well as encouragement to perform their best, as the owners desire.

But at the same time it also depends on how quickly your puppy learns and how cooperative it is. Puppies sometimes refuse to listen to their owner, especially when it comes to potty trainings and so on. So, some owners, who don't have time to spend with them will send them to training centers and day-cares, or alternatively, free puppy potty training centers.

At these centers, professional dog trainers and owners offer free puppy potty training services, which are open for all. Basically the training sessions are held once or twice in a week in many places during the weekend.

Online Services

Besides that, these trainers also offer their services online. Many dog websites which run on social service background, have these professionals offering their services to all those who join a particular group or society, and these members who have trouble in potty training their puppies would be assisted, right from the basics.

There are also many free puppy potty training newsletters and e-magazines which circulate online as well. These newsletters and magazines contain the best tips and advice in training young puppies and dogs in going potty accurately. Most authors who write these contents are professional trainers and dog psychologists.


What They Teach

Basically these professional free puppy potty training services offer the basic training methods and tips. Usually, they start off with the recognition of the time in which the puppy needs to potty, and go ahead with the preparation steps and so on.

The free puppy potty training also sometimes includes teaching the owners on assigning a specific spot in the yard as the dog's toilet, so that the puppy will not use the rest of the yard, inside the house, or even the garden as its toilet. Some of them even teach how to build the spots; such as the construction of the box, the base preparation, the cleaning and so on.

It has been shown that using the same spot all the time definitely helps the puppy recognize the spot where he should go. And making sure the place is properly built and maintained is very important, for it very much influences the learning rate of the dog and growing up the right way; particularly in keeping itself clean and relieving itself.

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