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Free Potty Training Tip: Go Easy On Your Child

Many parents, who are starting to potty train, search everywhere for the best advice. They ask parents who have already gone through the ordeal, they search the internet, they look for books on the subject but all they can find is varied information on the subject. The fact is, nobody has the same advice. That's because every child is different and responds to different things. If you're looking for a good tip, here is the best free potty training tip: Go easy on your child. That's it. That is the best advice you can get when it comes to potty training your child.

Accidents Are Ok

Most people, when they hear this free potty training tip, think they've been ripped off. This, they say, doesn't give them any actual information. Many would disagree. The free potty training tip is so valuable because many parents are so hard on their children to succeed. If their child has an accident, they get upset; they take it as failure. These parents have to understand that nobody is perfect and their child is going to have accidents. It is going to happen and they should prepare for it so that they can use it as a training tool.

Have Patience

The free potty training tip of going easy on your child means that you should have patience. Potty training doesn't happen overnight. It takes times; it could take weeks, it could take months. Potty training could also, as it does in some cases, take years. You must go easy on your child. If you don't, potty training could take even longer than it has to.

Shorten Training Time

The free potty training tip of going easy on your child can actually shorten the time the potty training occurs. That's because when you are hard on your child, or unforgiving, your child will actually build up anxiety. This anxiety will get in the way of all the hard work that may have already gone into the potty training. The undue anxiety causes accidents. If you're hard on your child and this causes anxiety and they have accidents because of it, it soon becomes on vicious cycle.

You have to go easy on your child, bottom line; show your child love, show your child patience and show your child that accidents are ok, they are just part of the learning process. By going easy on your child, you show them that they shouldn't have too high of expectations. They'll get it, it just might take a little time. That's not just a free potty training tip. That's a free tip that will last throughout the child's development.

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