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Folding Potty Seat: Your Child's Very Own Toilet

Using a folding potty seat during potty training is a great and effective way to train your child to use the toilet. A folding potty training seat is so effective because it fits on your actual toilet and makes going to the bathroom both easier and more convenient for your child as it emulates an actual toilet. A folding potty seat will not only make potty training easier, it will alleviate anxiety over using the "adult" toilet, it can keep your child from gripping the actual toilet seat for balance, thus eliminating the transfer of nasty germs, and it can be carried anywhere.

The folding potty seat is one product in a long line of items now offered to assist in potty training. Along with videos, audio tapes, books as well as potty training dolls, the folding potty seat is designed to show your child what to do and where to do it by making potty training fun and educational. The folding potty seat is the perfect size for your child. Thus, your child feels as if it is their very own toilet.

Fits On Your Toilet

The folding potty seat fits over your conventional toilet. It is narrower so that your child can sit on it and not have to worry about falling in. This is especially important for those children who are intimidated by going to the "adult" toilet. Some children find the large size too inconvenient and fear falling in. The folding potty seat alleviates this concern and allows the child to focus on the training itself.

No More Germs

The folding potty seat is also beneficial because it makes it possible for your child to hold onto it for balance. No longer must your child touch the germ ridden toilet seat itself. Some models of the folding potty seat even come with handles so your child can hang on while doing their business.

Can Travel

The folding potty seat can be brought anywhere. This makes it possible to continue training even when you're not at home. It can be used at the mall, at someone else's house or anywhere else you happen to be when your child has to go. Any parent who fears their child touching a public toilet for balance while trying to go will love the folding potty seat.

The folding potty seat can be found wherever potty training items are sold. It is an invaluable tool for teaching your child how to use the bathroom like an adult. In no time, you'll be able to throw out all those diapers and, unless you have more children, won't have to worry about buying another diaper again.

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