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The Sweet Sound of Success: Using a Dog Potty Training Bell

Using a dog potty training bell may seem to shrink you to the lowest form of humanity, however if it works you will be the talk of the town and the envy of everyone. Nothing will beat the sweet sound and smell of success as your pooch proudly prattles away with the dog potty training bell, signifying that it is most certainly time to use the facilities outdoors. All of this can be yours if you can master the art of training your dog to utilize a small, shiny bell when it needs to go potty. This, of course, is much more complicated than it appears and it certainly appears to be quite complicated.

Often times, with young dogs and older senile dogs, we are forced to guess as to when the dog needs to go to the washroom. We have no real way of knowing until that little mongrel lifts their leg and begins cementing its claim on the side of the couch or, worse, urinating on your favourite pair of shoes. The worst part is that you didn't see it coming, but the best part is that with a little bit of information about your pooch and a lot of training you can train your dog to use a dog potty training bell to signify when it needs to raise a leg.

Sound The Alarm

It may seem absurd and silly, but sounding the bell when you use the washroom is a good way to start. Many people object to allowing the dog that much entrance into the personal lives of their owners, but dogs are personable beings and want attention. If you interject the notion that you ring a bell when you go into a certain room, it will peak the dog's curiosity about the bell in question.


A simple poke of the nose or paw to the bell that keeps ringing when you keep dinging and the dog will be aware that it makes a sound. It is, in fact, a very recognizable sound for the dog because they become accustomed to it ringing when certain things happen. Much like Pavlov's dogs knew when dinner was coming at the sound of a bell, you can train your dog to know what to do at the same sound.

Establishing the bell as the actual dog potty training bell will take a good amount of patience and practice, but start by sounding the bell when the dog goes potty. The dog will shortly begin to associate this ringing of the dog potty training bell with its facility use and will, furthermore, connect the occurrences in its mind. The tricky part is getting the dog to move from association to action, but, alas, we are out of time for today.

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