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Difficulties in Baby Potty Training

While a child is in training for using a baby potty, a number of family/home reasons can cause difficulties in the child's progress in internalizing the habit. Many psychological setbacks are felt by the baby arising in home or school. For example there is divorce, the birth of a new baby in the home, a change of daycare teacher or even classroom etc. With patient and caring effort on the parents' side, the baby potty training can be completed successfully. Remember not to increase the child's stress by being harsh or punitive towards him/her.

Child's Interest in the Baby Potty

It is natural for anyone to lose motivation for doing an activity once it is mastered. The spirit of adventure flies away to some other activity. This is what happens most of the time when the child loses interest in his/her baby potty. The child shows more interest in new things and games. It is important to stay calm and gently lead the child to the potty. Another reason why a child is reluctant to leave his game/activity and attend the potty is fear of losing all or part of the game. Use reassurance to counter the little one's fear and guide him to the potty. This might require much patience.

Other Psychological Reasons of Potty Dread

Several other reasons account for a child's reluctance about going to a baby potty. He/she might be suffering constipation; be afraid of the flushing sound or falling down into the potty; feeling uncomfortable on the potty etc. Track what is causing the problem and remedy it. The potty training stage, especially at the later time, is a child's point of personal development when he/she acts willful. This self-assertion can be coped with in a couple of ways. One way is to let the child do as he/she wills. Don't force or even instruct him/her to go to the potty. Let him/her use it when needed. Secondly, you might tell the child that he/she can go to the potty by him/herself since you are busy. This insinuates the idea that he/she needs to use the potty.

Checking Your Own Attitude

As adults you are responsible for providing the best training to our child. While teaching your baby using a baby potty, remember that children are not given to following strict timings and deadlines like grown ups. Be flexible in allowing the time they need to progress. Don't take failure of the child with potty as anything deliberate. The child is innocent and not responsible for the failure. Take care to provide all the conditions, such as easy-to-remove clothing and a comfortable potty to help your baby successfully use a potty.

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